Cool Sculpting in Los Angeles Was a Better Option for Me Than Liposuction Surgery

I was within 15 pounds of my ideal weight. I had a little excess fat I wanted to get rid of. I call it the old lady paunch for the one spot. It is right at my belly button. I have tried and tried to lose that paunch but can’t. I exercise and am strong and fit. I eat right and have muscle. And I have that fat at my belly and a little at my hips. I figured I would give cool sculpting in Los Angeles a try. It seemed much more appealing to me than having liposuction.

I did not want any surgeries. The cool sculpting freezes your fat cells. It works best for those who are almost where they want to be for their weight. I was within 15 pounds of where I wanted to be. I did not want to eat any less, because I was afraid I would lose muscle mass. I just needed to get rid of some stubborn fat that was hanging on for dear life. That is how fat is. It will stick around while your body consumes muscle when you do a calorie cutback. Cool sculpting in Los Angeles was the best bet for me and my problem.

I looked into liposuction, but I was not wanting any general anesthesia. I also did not like the idea of having a sharp probe connected to a vacuum stuck under my skin. Cool sculpting is non-invasive. That sounded a lot better to me. I wanted the cosmetic procedure of removing fat cells, but I was not going to have any surgery to get it done. Non-invasive fat cell removal was more to my liking. Plus, there would not be any down time for the procedure. I could get back to work and my life right away.